Particle Physics


My interests are:
Preons (possible constituents of quarks and leptons)
Deformed Special Relativity (modification of special relativity with a fundamental length)
Scattering Amplitudes (new On-Shell methods for particle scattering)
You can find my papers in inspire.hep.

Links concerning my papers on preons: The Helon Model..
L. Lyons, An introduction to the possible substructure of quarks and leptons

Papers concerning my work in Deformed Special Relativity:
S. Mignemi, , Int.J.Mod.Phys.D15 (2006) 925-936
F. Hinterleitner, , Phys.Rev.D71:025016,2005
G. Salesi et al, , Int.J.Mod.Phys.A32, 1750086 (2017)


The booklets "What does the world consist of?" (in English) and "Woraus besteht die Welt?" (in German) provide in a compact form with many coloured pictures informations on the present status, theoretical foundations, open questions and the history of particle physics. You can obtain these booklets from Lulu where you can view some pages, see also here .